Practice Two Cancelled due to Weather ahead of Chinese Grand Prix

After starting under red flag conditions and eventually being cancelled, Chris Soulsby looks at second practice from the Chinese Grand Prix, which saw no action out on track.


Practice two continued where practice 1 left off, with the session starting under red flag conditions. As the weather conditions failed to improve, practice two failed to get underway entirely, being called off with 13 minutes left until the end of the session. The main reason for the session to be delayed was because of the medical helicopter, with it being unable to land in the designated hospital in Shanghai which raised safety concerns in the event of a heavy accident.

Due to the session being completely called off, not a single car managed to complete a lap, meaning that teams have very little data to work with going into the Saturday sessions of the Chinese Grand Prix. This will produce a very exciting qualifying session for the weekend, along with an action packed third practice session.

Despite cars not being out on track in practice two, the spirit of the F1 paddock was not dampened, with fans providing much entertainment for viewers, with some being dressed as famous drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and the Stig from Top Gear. Another ‘guest appearence’ included Darth Vader himself, however, despite his best efforts, the clouds failed to go away.

Towards the end of the session, Lewis Hamilton went out on track with some of his Mercedes team members and started interacting with fans, taking photos with those in the grandstands and handing out signed Mercedes merchandise.

Formula 1 will return on April 8th for qualifying and third practice ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix on April 9th.
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