Formula 1 is lacking surprises – Fernando Alonso

Following an interview with the EFE news agency, Fernando Alonso has said that Formula 1 lacks 'surprises'. Chris Soulsby looks at this statement, and looks at the domination that the sport has seen in recent years.

In a recent interview with the EFE news agency, McLaren’s Fernando Alonso has acknowledged that Formula 1 is lacking “surprises”.

Formula 1 is lacking surprises – Fernando Alonso

Alonso told the magazine that the current situation in the sport is “very healthy”, with both Ferrari and Mercedes being evenly matched in 2017 so far. Despite this however, Alonso also said that there is still a large gap in F1 between teams, and that because of this, the sport offers few “surprises” as people still know “more or less who will win the races”.

In recent years, Formula 1 has seen has seen total domination in the sport, with Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel dominating F1 for four years from 2010-2013 and Mercedes taking over this reign from 2014-2016 when the V6 Hybrid engine was introduced.

2017 marks a closely fought championship battle between Mercedes and Ferrari, with both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel fighting one another for the Drivers Championship as 25 points separate them after the first six races of the 20 race long 2017 Season. In the Constructors Championship, the battle also remains close, with only 17 points separating the two works teams while third placed Red Bull Racing are almost 100 points behind Ferrari who are leading.   

This marks the first time since 2010 that more than one constructor is battling for the championship due to domination of the Milton Keynes and Brackley based Red Bull and Mercedes teams in recent years.
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