David Schumacher targeting F1

David Schumacher is aiming to follow in the footsteps of his father Ralf and uncle Michael to one day race in Formula 1.


David Schumacher has become the latest member of the Scumacher family to launch his bid to race in Formula 1 one day.

David Schumacher targeting F1

David is the son of Ralf Schumacher, the nephew of Michael, and the cousin of Mick, and will be leaving karting to join the German Formula 4 series next year where he will drive for a team owned by his father.

“I definitely want to be in Formula One,” said the 16 year old, wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father and uncle. “I would love to be in F1 together with my cousin Mick,” he admitted.

From 1997-2007, David’s father, Ralf, drove in F1 for JordanWilliams and Toyota, securing six wins and 27 podiums, although he was unable to win a world championship – a feat that his brother, Michael, achieved on seven different occasions.

Due to the success of the Schumacher name in F1 and other racing series, David admitted that carrying the family name can be a burden, with expectations being so high: “The expectations are simply higher,” he said, “especially as my cousin Mick is already very fast. For this reason I raced for the first few years with the name of my mother, Brinkmann, so that the media pressure would be lower,” he added.

When asked who his heroes of the sport were, the answer that David gave was unsurprising: “Clearly I have two. My father and of course my uncle Michael, simply because he is the most successful driver of all time. But my father was also very good.”


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